Adam Cooley. Tattooist. Part Time Sith Lord. Full time Nerd. 

Adam first started His apprenticeship under Clint Jones at Blue Lotus Tattoo back in 2009 and has been tattooing full time for around the last 5 years.
He is huge geek at heart and has always loved, Cartoons, Comics, Video Games, Star Wars and basically anything nerdy! He has spent the last few years trying to combine his love of all things geek with his love of Tattooing and Art. Although focusing a lot on pop culture tattoos lately, he also really enjoys Realism and Japanese Tattooing. When he isn't tattooing he spends a lot of time drawing portraits and getting his head around Digital painting.

His Hobbies include, OCD collecting far to many things, cos playing, painting nerdy miniatures and fan-boying out at Conventions.