Our Policy


We generally work by Appointment Only. Appointments go quickly, so give us a call or pop in and we'll find a time to suit. Our Reputation and Waiting Time are a reflection of our Professional and High Quality Service and Workmanship.

Deposit Policy: A non-refundable Drawing Fee maybe required for design time and alterations. Depending on how much drawing, research etc we need to do, it will usually be somewhere between: $ 20 - $ 80. An Appointment Deposit is required for all Appointments. No Deposit = No Appointment All Deposits for Appointments are non-refundable, but will come off the price of your tattoo. Appointment Deposits will range from a minimum of $ 50 - $ 250 depending on the Appointment time booked (i.e. a full day booking will be $ 250). All money deposited with Blue Lotus Tattoo Studio for services provided by Blue Lotus Tattoo Studio and / or it's Artists, are non-refundable at the time of deposit. Deposits maybe transferred or apportioned at our discretion.

Age Restriction: You must be 18 years of age (or 16 years of age with written parental consent) to obtain a tattoo.

Touch-Ups: We will happily Touch-Up your tattoo, if you have followed our aftercare instructions (we can tell). The Touch-Up is valid for 1 year and excludes feet or other high risk/wear areas. Please note that Sun-Tanning / Burn, Swimming in Salt Water or Chlorine orexcessive exercise during the healing period will prolong the healing period and voids your Touch-Up.

Management reserves the right not to tattoo anyone


Please note: 

All artwork, designs, drawings or concepts remain the intellectual property of Blue Lotus Custom Tattoo and its artists until such time the final design is tattooed or full payment made. Art work can be purchased at the discretion of Blue Lotus Tattoo. A drawing deposit is payment for the Artists time not ownership of any artwork. Any use of art work without permission of Blue Lotus Custom Tattoo and or its artists may result in legal action being taken.